Charles Bueche wrote:
> Hi Geoffrey,
> I own your book, and wasn't aware of this recipe.

there's lots of stuff in there people just don't know about

> I find this method a bit complicated, until now, my module was pure
> perl. But if this is the only way...

yeah, it pretty much is. essentially, each C module's directives are
private to themselves... unless you make them publically available
through an api.

of course, you could write your C access handler in perl, even with
custom directives - that would give you full access in perl. or you
could write your C access handler in C in XS land and offer a perl api
for your fixup handler. an example of that is something like this

note the BOOT section in IncludeHook.xs - that's pretty much the same as
writing the module in C, and it gives you the opportunity to offer a
perl api. for an example of that, see

combine the two and you could be all set...

or just write your access handler in perl and be done with it if
it's custom directives in httpd.conf you want, see this

and some of the other Apache2 modules on CPAN.

> Thanks anyway for your hint.


> BTW : do you prepare a 2.x version of the cookbook ?

I think that's unlikely at this point - everyone has far less tuits
these days than we did back in 2000

> I find it a great resource, I learned a lot from it.