Foo Ji-Haw wrote:
> I'm trying to explore using sessions in my application. It seems that my
> option is restricted to Apache::Session. Please let me know if other
> session modules exist for my platform.

CGI::Session. Don't be put off by the name. Neither Apache::Session or
CGI::Session have anything to do with mod_perl, and both work fine with it.

> Subsequent runs:
> my %session;
> my $SessionID = 'c2e9a96e10b6918c4a358591413cddf5';

Where did that come from? Normally you would store this in a cookie or
in URLs.

> 1. For some strange reason, the page will not load completely. What I
> mean to say is that the page displays, but the connection will not end,
> as if the process (thread, in Windows implementation) cannot end. I
> suspect maybe cleaning up the tie() has something to do with it.

It may be having problems locking on Win32, or the file storage may not
work with threads. Have you considered using a database for storage
instead? It's faster and more cross-platform.

- Perrin