Fayland Lam wrote:

> let me describe my situation. we have something like
> http://o1.example.com/1.jpg
> and we have a table like:
> 1.jpg | o1
> and now we want the people visit this by
> http://o.example.com/1.jpg
> yes, o1,o2,o3 are different servers. I'd like to config the
> o.example.com like PerlTransHandler +MyApache2::RewriteO

Are you trying to redirect the client to http://o1.example.com/1.jpg ?
If so you'll have to return a Location: header and a 301 response, eg:
return Apache2::Const::HTTP_MOVED_TEMPORARILY;

If you're trying to behave like a proxy server, where you make the
request on the client's behalf, then return the response to the client,
then it's not quite that simple.