I tried to put a "LogLevel debug" in my httpd.conf, so that everything gets
logged, but this didn't make a difference: my warn messages don't get

What else could I try, in order to find out why?

If I'm running a script with that:
warn "warning\n";
die "dying\n";
Then, "waning" doesn't get logged while "dying" does...

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From: "Malcolm J Harwood"
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Sent: Tuesday, May 09, 2006 3:53 PM
Subject: Re: Where do the "warn" message go? (Ap2 & MP2 on Win32)

> On Thursday 04 May 2006 06:37 am, Lionel MARTIN wrote:
>> I'm sorry, but I may have misled you: I "said" script, but I'm not
>> talking
>> about CGI scripts here.
>> In fact, even when puttting my "warn $msg;" in a custom MP handler, the
>> message doesn't go to the error log.
>> So, I'd like to understand when the content of the warn message is going.
>> (please have a look at the details below for the original question)

> Did you check your apache logging settings? If LogLevel isn't set
> appropriately, apache might be discarding the warns.
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>> >> I'm currently running Apache 2.0.54 with MP 2.0.2, on Win32.
>> >> When I'm doing a
>> >> print STDERR "Hello\n";
>> >> warn "Hello\n";
>> >> at server startup, i.e.in a >Perl> block in httpd.cong, both messages
>> >> go to the console, and to error.log as well.
>> >> But when I'm doing the same thing within a script (handleed by
>> >> ModPerl::Registry), these message don't appear anywhere. So, I'm
>> >> wondering where they get redirected? The fact I'm running that under
>> >> Win32 (threaded MPMs) may be important?

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