> As a caveat to the E-mails about caching pages using a proxy, the
> of such depends on how much traffic your site will see to static pages.


My understanding doesn't agree with this. The point about caching also
deals with dynamic one time through away pages in a scenario as described

Server A -> Proxy Server B -> Users 1 through 50

User 1 requests data. Server B interecepts and sends to Server A, gets
answer and returns to 1.

If B cannot cache the data, does it keep a connection open to A as long as 1
takes to receive the data?

For example, if 50 14.4Kbps dialup users come and take 10 minutes to
download a file, is Server A & Server B tied up with 50 connections for 10

My understand is that some people do caching on B simply to let A spit out
all the data and let B handle the connection for as long as it takes to
perform the transfer.

I've heard that this can have excellent benefits but have no real world
examples or experience handy.