On Tue, 2006-05-09 at 14:00 +0000, E.Q. McGoon wrote:
> Can you elaborate further on your session management strategy in the
> article?

We used a lightly hacked Apache::Session, storing data in Oracle. We
used mod_unique_id to generate IDs. We sent the IDs in cookies, along
with a simple authentication hash using Digest::SHA1. I recommend not
putting very much in your sessions, e.g. put the ID of the shopping cart
in, not the whole shopping cart, and store the data in database tables.

Now that CGI::Session has been taken over by new maintainers, it's been
improving a lot. You might want to look there first these days.

> Is there anything you would do differently now with the availability of MP2?

I would use an output filter for doing includes instead of hacking
Apache::SSI. I added a #template call that would run a TT template to
generate some dynamic content. That would be easier to do now with a

> Our team is currently contemplating a project involving a high volume
> of web services and dynamic page views. We have a large Perl code base
> that supports the mission of the application and would like to have a
> large MP2 app under our belt instead of reverting back to PHP/Zend.

Many large sites run on Perl, so I don't see any reason you would need
to switch. If there's something you're having trouble with, go ahead
and ask.

- Perrin