We are running Mod_Perl 2.0.2 under Apache 2.0.58 on Solaris 9.

After executing a certain perl script, we are finding that a
defunct subprocess is hanging around.

This happens every time the script is executed by Mod_Perl, and
so the defunct processes are building up rapidly.

The defunct processes are only removed when shutting down or
restarting Apache.

Any suggestions on how to trace the source of this problem, and
figure out whether it is an issue with Mod_Perl, with Apache, or
with the perl script?

I've exausted investigating the issue via Google, with nothing
solid to show from it. One site suggested the problem might be
in the subprocess.pm module.

I'm still working through the following article:


However, in looking at the perl script in question, it
doesn't look as if the script is actually trying to fork off
a child process. So I'm not sure that the coding advice given
in this article will be of much help.

Thanks. This is my first venture into using Mod_Perl on a
production system, and so I thank you in advance for any
suggestions or guidance.

Stanley E. Laufer
Network Administrator
School of Library and Information Science
San Jose State University