I am experiencing a problem that I do not see solved or named in the
mailing list, but this can be due to my lack of search terms. So I try
here and hope not to get flamed. The problem bearer is content_type.

I have created some inheriting objects that deal with handling a certain
request. As per normal behaviour each object has a method 'handler'
that does the basics: the requested action is derived from the URL
folowing "/(ObjectName)/(Action)(/Parameters)". To accommodate for
unexisting actions I created an AUTOLOAD in the parent object. So far so

Now one of the derived object does something like this:


This object does some basic things for generating XML, hence the
content_type. This, again, works fine. Now the problem - if an unexisting
action for this "XML subclass" is requested, the AUTOLOAD kicks in. The
AUTOLOAD sets the content-type back to HTML ($r->content_type('text/html'))
but this is completely ignored...

Now the docs state that overruling a content_type can only be done if that
header is not yet send to the client. When does this get send, cause to me
it seems as if there is not much room. What happens is:

xml_object->handler: set content type
call SUPER::handler
SUPER::handler: derive action
call $self->action
$self->AUTOLOAD: call $self->show_error
$self->show_error: set content type
output error

Any pointers on this? I am using Apache 2.0.54 and mod_perl 2.0.1 if that
sheds any light. Again I am appologising if this could have been found on
the list or elsewhere, pointers are appreciated.