you could set an ENV var in a shell (the httpd's user's login shell)
and then add


to httpd.conf

your code can then check it via $ENV{VARNAME}

Of course you only need to do this if you've done PerlSetupEnv Off (1.3.x) or
are under SetHandler modperl in (2.x)

Otherwise you can just set it in your ENV and its automatically passed through.

Jonathan Vanasco wrote:
> I'd like to flag whether my app is running on dev or prod with a
> variable that's in httpd.conf
> ( right now i manually toggle a var in a config file, and its driving me
> nuts )
> i wanted to use PerlSetVar, but that's read at request time - which
> won't work, as this needs to be read before a request
> so then i looked at
> custom Apache configuration directives
> and everything in there looks way more complicated than what i could
> possibly need
> can anyone point me in the right direction?

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