Foo Ji-Haw wrote:
> I think to be a cross-platform MP2 developer, it is important to have
> a good feel of the underlying OS. I don't know what problems RA Jones
> had hit, but my suspicion is that most of them are os-centric, rather
> than implementation-centric. Good knowledge of the OS should help. No
> offence intended Jones.

Yes without doubt it was the former. Just setting the system up to even
run the first basic perl app has been a deeply frustrating experience.
And no offence taken as you are quite correct - my point was in response
to Lionel to illustrate the painful experience in gaining enough
knowledge of the OS to conduct such a setup, and to indicate that there
are those who run Apache2/MP2 on Win32 by choice, given a 'free' choice
of the two OS.

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