I can give a brief account of my experiences with MP2 development on
both Windows and non-Windows platforms.

Generally, I choose to develop on the Windows environment for various
reasons; most of them out of convenience and comfort. Coming primarily
from a Windows environment (in terms of associated skill-sets, and
physical environment), I find the MP2 platform for Windows fairly
stable. The good support in this newsgroup usually applies well, so not
much pain everywhere.

My main installations are on the FreeBSD platform. Installing the OS and
the related applications are fairly easy via ports. Installing the
production code onto FreeBSD was not perfect, but largely painless with
minor hiccups. So I can say that MP2 is 99% platform independent!

Performance-wise, I think that I am getting slightly faster throughput
on FreeBSD, though I must admit that it is generally on a gut-feel
basis. Stability-wise, both are good enough, but I am still experiencing
annoying Windows pop-ups claiming some memory reading errors, yet
nothing has crashed.

I think to be a cross-platform MP2 developer, it is important to have a
good feel of the underlying OS. I don't know what problems RA Jones had
hit, but my suspicion is that most of them are os-centric, rather than
implementation-centric. Good knowledge of the OS should help. No offence
intended Jones.

RA Jones wrote:
> Lionel MARTIN wrote:
>> I think that I should better try with LAMP as well, but to be honest,
>> I have never tried to install Linux.

> Well then, be prepared for a VERY long and hard uphill struggle. Be
> prepared to spend hours/days configuring things that install &
> configure in seconds/minutes under Windows. If you are dependant on
> wireless connections, then don't even think of it.
> I do all my development on Win32, but run my apps on hosted UNIX
> servers. So after deciding to run my own server I set up both systems
> to determine the relative merits of each - Apache2/mod_perl2 was a
> prerequisite. I was fully expecting Linux to win hands down over WinXP
> in terms of both stability and performance, but I was wrong on both
> counts. This from someone who was heartily sick of Microsoft products
> and REALLY wanted to like Linux. In my experience of many different
> distros, life's just too short for adopting Linux for anything but
> basic desktop (ie word processing/e-mails/web browsing) work, unless
> you already know what you are doing. Count this a vote for the Windows
> combo of Apache2 + mod_perl2 (can I believe I just wrote that?)
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