Foo Ji-Haw wrote:
> Just want to do a quick poll here.
> Most of the comments I read here, come from people who use the Linux/
> BSD platform. Is there anybody who actually deploy the Windows combo on
> a production server? For those who do, do you have any issues that are
> Windows-specific?
> For me for example, my gripe is that I cannot use
> ServerUtil::restart_count to determine the instance of the final startup
> of the service, due to the implementation nature of mp2

Back in 2000, I _sadly_ used to deploy ActiveState Perl 6xx, PerlEx 2.1
with IIS 5.0. the code didn't get that advanced. My biggest gripe was
the ppm repositories were far behind that of CPAN, or modules were only
available in ActiveState Perl 8xx.

That particular behavior (restart_count) trips a lot of people up even
on BSD / Linux based platforms.

Its been a while and Phillippe will probably correct me here, but I
remember there be hard memory limit of 8GB with PerlEx. We had filed a
bug report, but I don't think it was high enough priority for them to
look at at the time.

I wasn't really a big fan of setting things like Interpreter threads,
tracing, and etc... in the Windows registry either.


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