I'm having the same kind of interrogation.

Concerning me, I'm working on a project that's still in development, and I'm
developing under Windows (MP2, ActivePerl 5.8.8 Build 816 , Apache 2.055)
I'll have to make a choice for the production environment, and I'm not sure
what to choose. I'll have to make tests.

Of course, most people seem to use a LAMP environment, and most docs are
Linux flavoured.

Under Windows, when launching my Apache Server, there seems to be 4 starts
in all (Start -> Restart -> Start -> Restart). I can see that with preloaded
modules, that are loaded 4 times in all.

Moreover, I'm not sure how efficient is the Winnt MPM, related to Perl.
As you know, under Windows, the server is working in a threaded environment
(one child process containing several threads). As there's just one child,
the PerlChildInitHandler is quite useless, and it would be good to have a
grasp at Thread starts (having something like a "PerlThreadInitHandler" or a
"PerlInterpInitHandler" to be able to initialize Perl Interpreter specific

But I'm quite confident I'll be able to use a Windows environment for my
production server, things tseem to have improved a lot (even if I'll make
comparisons anyway with a LAMP environment, in term of CPU usage, and memory
sharing efficiency)

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Subject: How many people use the Windows combo of Apache2 + mod_perl2 ?

> Just want to do a quick poll here.
> Most of the comments I read here, come from people who use the Linux/ BSD
> platform. Is there anybody who actually deploy the Windows combo on a
> production server? For those who do, do you have any issues that are
> Windows-specific?
> For me for example, my gripe is that I cannot use
> ServerUtil::restart_count to determine the instance of the final startup
> of the service, due to the implementation nature of mp2