I've got a question on a setup

right now, i have modperl set up as such:

PerlRequire /path/to/startup.pl
PerlModule Apache2::Resource

SetHandler 'modperl'
PerlResponseHandler 'myapp::api'

of course there are a bunch of location blocks - /api/ , /account/ etc

I need to move api (and a few other items) from /api/ to

naturally, that means a new virtualhost container

my question is this - api and a the other items still share 95% of
the code base, including the configuration variables that are loaded
in startup.pl

what's an efficient way of keeping everything maxxed on shared memory?

my first thought was to do (xmlish to save typing)

PerlRequire /path/to/startup.pl


except that would be too easy. see mp isn't serving these items
directly - this is a multi-server setup. so *most* requests are
coming from, but others will hit the real domain.

can anyone offer a tip? i'm thinking that the only thing to do is to
bind each handler to a different port and a different vhost.