Eric ( writes:
> Another possibility would be to install NetBSD using the Tiny kernel. The
> base install, without X and compilers, takes around 80 mb of hard drive
> space. Adding some basic applications (Pine, Pico, Links, Lynx, Tin,
> etc.) brings the total HDD space to around 100 MB.
> I installed NetBSD 3.1 on a laptop with 7 mb RAM and 1 GB HDD.

You do realize you've replied to a message from June of 2003, a "mere"
four years ago. Chances are good the poster is no longer reading this
newsgroup, and likely they don't even have that "old" laptop.


> On Tue, 24 Jun 2003, Javier Sedano wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> Allenabethea wrote:
>>> My laptop is an old compaq LTE Elite 4/40cx 486 processor with 12 mb ram
>>> and a
>>> 340mg hard drive.
>>> All the Linux distributions I saw required much more hard disk space.
>>> Also, I gather the linux is engineered to use the X-window gui so, my 486
>>> and
>>> 12 megs ram are not enough even if I could fit all on the hard drive.
>>> I Saw the Tiny Linux distribution, but still, it seems to take alot of disk
>>> space to have a usable system.

>> I own a laptop with exactly those characteristics, and I run Debian
>> Woody on it, even with X if needed (with vtwm window manager, rvt instead of
>> xterm). X are not a must in Linux, by the way. Most of the task can be made
>> in the command line with ncurses (mutt for email, lynx for simple web
>> browsing, emacs/vi for edition, latex for text procesing,... and bash/perl
>> for everything else ;-) ... more or less the same than with Minix.
>> The installation was a bit painfull and slow because of the lack of
>> memory (dselect, the Debian program to manage/install/remove .deb packages
>> uses more than 12MB, so it is continuosly swaping in and out), but it is
>> possible with enough swap.
>> Compiling a new _small_ kernel is a must in such hardware, but you
>> will need to make it in another host.
>> I am not saying you should not use Minix (even if just for fun), but
>> only that you can run Linux in such hardware. You can even make a 30MB
>> partition for Minix and use the rest for Linux, and have both of them!
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