I have installed Minix 3.1.8. I see the ede and efltk packages listed. When I do:

pkgin update
pkgin install ede efltk

I get a message that the packages are not available in the repository. In addition, I installed the package minix-all, as it was listed when I did:

pkgin available

However, minix-all (meta) package is not listed on the 3.1.8 repository list page. And 1 package that should have been part of the group, scmgit-base, is not installable. When I do:

pkgin ar

to autoremove orphan dependencies, the package p5-Error is removed. Then when I do:

pkgin fug

to upgrade all packages, pkgin wants to re-install the p5-Error package (previously removed) and the scmgit-base package (not installable).