I did these steps:

1. install minix 3 using minix3_1_3a_ide_r2964.iso.bz2
2. fetch current minix srcs from gforge.cs.vu.nl
3. compile through 'make world'

Now I've got 2 kernels but neither works fully ok.
The original kernel gives following output:

/dev/c0d0p0s2 is read-write mounted on /usr
/dev/c0d0p0s1 is read-write mounted on /home
fs_unlink_o: returning -22
fs_unlink_o: returning -22
fs_unlink_o: returning -22
Starting services: randomlibdriver_asyn`driver_task: message 1030
driver_task: unable to asynsend to 1: -102

and finally freezes (i.e. it does respond to keyboard but system does
not boot any further, it is unusable). I guess the old kernel is old
enough that it won't with new servers or something. And it is quite

The new kernel gives much more output but the strange (I think)
messages are:

Starting networking:dp8390: strange, got SYN_ALARM
eth_restart_ioctl: etp_getstat in port 0 is 53308
eth_restart_ioctl: completed getstat
eth_restart_ioctl: clearing etp_getstat in port 0
eth_restart_ioctl: etp_get_stat returned SUSPEND
eth_restart_ioctl: setting etp_getstat in port 0 to 53350

and then again etp_getstat is performed and cleared. The result is the
network does not work (but it did before compiling the newest

Another thing is that I get a bunch of messages "MFS(7) unmount:
filesystem is busy 6" during shutdown.

Everything was done under qemu 0.90, I tried setting qemu_pci to 1
again but it does not help.

I want to do some development to minix and would be glad if someone
gives me a clue about which revision has the newest VFS but apart from
that has networking fully working. Or maybe it is going to be fixed
very soon?

Any explanation would be greatly appreciated.