Good day everybody, sorry for my english...
I'm new to minix (but I like it very much...).
I would like to share with you some annoiances I've found. It seems to
behave weird in qemu on windows... with the last version, it doesn't
even boot but with the 0.9.0 it works even if it can't resolve dns
names! (networking is ok and I use static ip with resolv.conf with as nameserver). But the most curious thing is X which after
working perfectly for some days, now suddenly hangs before loading twm
(but maybe It could be my faults doing experiments).
I've tried 3.1.3a with 0.9.0 qemu with DPeth0->n2k-isa(on qemu) and
rtl8139->rtl8139(qemu) with the necessaries parameters at boot time.
Finally one question, I've installed it flawlessly on my second
notebook which unluckyly has a sis900 ethernet card, for which I'm not
able to find documents helpful to write a driver for it. I think I
could try to do a port from linux one...
Some suggestions or idea?
Thank you very much.