Two days ago I've modified the Italian keyboard layout (which seemed the
closest) to adapt it for pt_PT keyboards. I have some questions.

First of all, I think the format of the keyboard layouts (I'm talking about
the _sources_) is no different from the one used by GNU/Linux. However, I
don't know how to work with those too...

- What do mean those C(), L() and A() that appear around some character
- I've not supported dead keys (Portuguese keyboards uses dead keys
extensively). How can I include support for them in the keyboard layout?
- Also, of course supporting dead keys in the keyboard layout side isn't
enough. Portuguese has many accents and thus many letters cannot be
displayed using the standard VGA font. Is there any way to load VGA fonts
in Minix? How?
- Finally, where can I ask for someone to include my work in SVN?
- One more thing (I nearly forgot): RTFMs are accepted. ;-)


João Jerónimo

"Computer are composed of software, hardware, and other stuff terminated
in "ware", like firmware, tupperware, (...)" - by JJ.