Ok, so this "sounds" like an SVN issue at first, but I've only
reproduced it under Minix.

I have an SVN repository at (obviously
not accessible outside my network).
I have a laptop running Gentoo, and VMWare, with Minix inside VMWare.
The laptop is, and Minix runs under NAT, with address

From my laptop, I can access my SVN repos fine using a web browser, or
using the svn command line client.

From Minix however, I can only access my SVN repos using lynx. Lynx
prompts me for my username/password, and then shows the repo. Using
the svn command line client, under Minix, I get
"svn: PROPFIND of '/svn/minix': Could not send request (http://"

So to sum up the Minix issue:
"lynx" works
"svn import" does not work

Now as I've mentioned, it all works from my other test machines here.
That includes a Vista machine running inside VMWare as well.

So, am I completely wrong in believing that this is related to Minix,
or somehow related only to the version of subversion compiled for
Minix? I'm just really confused as to why this isn't working, and I
also wasn't sure where to post this, so flame away if neccessary.