I finally had some time and mind to figure out how to restore my VMWare
configuration* and package and properly test my GTK+ port.

Source and binaries are available at http://marcoslot.net/minix.htm
Minix 3.1.3+ required.

Packages (in order of source installation):

pkg-config-0.22 essential build-tool
libiconv-1.11 dependency of glib
libpng-1.2.20 dependency of of cairo
*.pc dependency of cairo, pango and GTK+
atk-1.19.6 dependency of GTK+
cairo-1.4.14 dependency of pango and GTK+
glib-2.14.1 dependency of pango and GTK+
pango-1.18.4 dependency of GTK+
gtk+-2.10.14 the thing

The first 4 packages are meant to fix pkg-config and its .pc files for
Minix-style libraries. Since GTK+ is composed of 30+ libraries you want
+need this to work properly. The current version of pkg-config (0.20) is
broken for static libraries and the available binaries of libpng and
libiconv do not include (static) .pc files. To be able to use the
fontconfig and freetype2 libraries that are included in X11 their .pc
also need to be updated to reflect their static dependencies. The
currently available version of ATK has a broken configuration file (.la)
so I recompiled a newer version.


* VMWare server on Ubuntu Hardy x86_64 with Wireless network
1 get install_vmware.sh from
and follow instructions
2 get vmware-any-any-update-115-K2.6.24-WirelessBridge.tar.gz from
and use runme.pl