I am trying to add a new server in minix, with its own system calls
(its own table.c).
I have found many similar posts in this group, but the difference is
that i do not want to run my server using RS, but to run it like a
regular process.

My server can block in the receive() call and wait for a message, as I
have given to all the user processes the required permissions (1 <<
RECEIVE in kernel/table.c ). In addition, I have added my server's
proc number in USR_M so that IPC towards it, is enabled.

The problem is that when i call _syscall or even _sendrec from another
process, I get error 104 : no permission for system call , as declared
in errno.h ...

I cannot find any more information on how am I supposed to gain the
ability to send messages to the server...

Thanks in advance for your time, and sorry for the long post!