Actually, it is a question about processes in OS Minix.
And together with a question I should give some confession.

So, imagine the situation, it is a computer which has the
microprocessor, and several devices as console devices disk drive,
several other possible devices. As software this microprocessor at
least has some loader, installed in BIOS, or embedded in OS.

And it is another system, which has a microprocessor, which possibly
belonged to another architecture, and it has some pereferial devices,
but limited in its abilities because it is connected with other system
with some connection channel, and it is portable, or distant.
As posssible implementation of such abstraction we could have PC, with
USB interface, and some ARM processor, connected to PC through the
USB, as a kind of stick, which could have some Flash, but no bit
display, and keyboard, or no console at all.

So could the Microkernel based OS, being installed on Dongle device
connected to some bigger coputer, use resources of both processors,
and use one of them for console functions.

Actually, simmilar possibility was appeared, in MacOS-X, when the
removable device was the ... Video Board, with its "video" processor.
However it looks that only products of Adobe use this amaizing
posibility of MacOS-X, and the GUI provided together with OS, which
surprisingly has many mechanisms previously used in products of Adobe.

(Do you remeber I was posting (under different name), some strange
questions regarding possibility to implement GUI not giving details.
Yes, I did not tell everything.)

So, is it possible, to implement, the switching between processes
launched on two different porceosor, when one of them, will have a
host OS, or at least host BIOS (or Basic Loader) when other one would
have a complete OS. When the only one will be completely dedicated to
some respective kernel. Other one will perhaps need some plug, with
partial implementation of OS functions. For example X-Window server
will be lanched on bigger machine, when important system services with
smaller requirenments to performance on smaller machine phisically
situated in such Dongle. If bigger machine will shourt system
resources, samller could complete the stabile work, and possibly
switch the stopped service or process on smaller one.

For example: you play music on big machie with some OS, using other OS
installed on you Dongle, watching some on screan of host OS, using the
sound system of biger machine, after plug head phones, to you Dongle
(if there any) and remove your dongle, after it plays in you head
phones, if Dongle itself has some power supply. And You may have
opened application in you pocket or on your belt, which could be
compleated as just you'll find another sutable machine to plug it in.
Of corse if the are launched on Dongle itself.

Could this be implemented with Minix?

Thank you.

--Michael the friend of Dd

P.S. And the promissed confession, actually I plan to design the OS,
where basicly would be implemented above listed abilities. And Minix
is planed to be some temporal and both alternative solution for some
enthusiastic hardware.