I have been learning about computers for a long time. I love the
concept of Minix and I have played with it some. I have taken
programing classes and I understand how to go through a guide to doing
things. I am some what familiarized with the Bash. What I lack is
direction and exp. I have never worked on a project that required of
me what I need to finally go over that hump that leads to mastery. I
have in the past been a very good Debian user and I was afraid of
leaving Debian. However recently I tried out Slackware and found that
I liked it better. I also found that I hate bloated GUI. If its
between a resource hungry GUI and no GUI, no GUI please!

I have been on the Minix mailing list for years now and never posted
or really read or kept up with its happenings. If there is a way to
help I would love to. I have no idea how to go about helping. I do not
know how to pick a part of the OS to work on.

If for example I wanted to port things over from different places how
would I go about getting a Idea about how that works?