Hi All.

According to http://groups.google.com/group/comp....7d254146ca5567
and http://groups.google.com/group/comp....c53dc98c39986b
it's quiet easy to add an server and start it with "service up". The
problem is that user processes are not allowed to talk to any server
other than FS, PM, DS..

Ben points out the possibilities:

#define USR_M (s(PM_PROC_NR) | s(FS_PROC_NR) | s(RS_PROC_NR) |

- change this to USR_M (~0) in kernel/table.c, thus allowing all user
processes to access everything (including drivers), right? not nice..
- add your server to the boot-image with a static PROC_NR and append
this to USR_M. so, everytime you want to compile your server, you've
to re-assemble the boot-image and reboot?

is this situation still true? i'm working with 3.1.3a in vmware
no possibility to change USR_M dynamically (while firing up the

what's best practice here?
(another way would be the implemenation as driver and communication
over /dev/whatever. but i'd prefer the syscall interface..)