Many months ago, Andrea Raimondi announced a port of FVWM 2.4.20
(http://www.alchemist.it/minix3/fvwm-2.4.20.tar.bz2). I noticed this in the
Google archives while porting FVWM 2.5.24 (the very latest), and thought I'd
give hist port a try. Here are my findings.

NB: Neither version will build with ACK; you have to use GCC. Also, they
only build under Minix 3.1.3a - forget about 3.1.2a.

Andrea's port builds & installs cleanly. It runs fine, with a few
exceptions, as noted below. It's mostly usable, but it would be a challenge
for the inexperienced user. If I hadn't already built 2.5.24, I would
definitely use it as my window manager under Minix.

If you just install it, and have no configuration files to copy to your
Minix system, most of the FVWM default menu functions do not work. This is
probably not too bad, though, as the defaults are *really* awful (and very

-- The "Setup Form" script just displays a window with a bunch of blank
widgets that don't respond to mouse clicks.

-- The "Setup 95" script appears to work until you try to save the
configuration, then it hangs to X server & you have to reboot.

-- Most FVWM modules or commands that depend on 2-way pipe communucation
with FVWM fail (and I suspect that this is the problem with the default
setup scripts, too).

-- FvwmConsole and FvwmCommands die immediately.

-- FvwmTalk partly works - the first command is received and
executed by FVWM, and then the form just hangs. At least you can kill it
without having to reboot.

-- The PipeRead command just hangs up the X server, requiring a


As for my port of 2.5.24, most of the same comments apply, except that the
"Setup Form" script works, so you can create a minimal default configuration
suilable for furthe editing.

I hope to make 2.5.24 available soon, but there are a couple of things I'd
like to do first.

-- I want to research the pipe problem to see if I can fix it cleanly,
without Herculean efforts.

-- I'd also like to bundle up a separate package of FVWM configuration
files that will produce a decent looking desktop, and have menu items
reflecting applications that are really likely to be installed on a Minix


Bob Woodside