Hi there,

I'm a computer science student and I have interest in operating system
developments. Since my experiences with low level programming
techniques are very limited, I was looking for an opportunity to
improve my skills and enter definitely in the world of operating
systems development. For that reason I think to start to play with
Minix as a developer and not only as an user.

Currently I've Minix 3 running under VirtualBox as a guest OS at my
notebook (which runs Debian GNU/Linux) with networking device working
pretty well. Yesterday I was thinking if its possible to make my
wireless adapter work on Minix 3 but I noticed that Minix doesn't have
support to wireless ethernet devices (?). Since there is no support
for wireless cards on Minix I saw that as a perfect role to start my
development adventures.

I would like some help, from members of this group, to start with this
project. I'm a bit confuse about how to start with it. Which papers/
books should I have to read, since I've no idea how write a simple
device driver for Minix? Write an wireless API with device drivers in
currently Minix structure could be feasible? Any help will be very

Thanks in advance,
Matheus Morais