Hello, i'm have problems installing Minix 3.
First i'm think that the problem is with my HD, but later see that is
Later, i'm can install Minix in one machine of my friend with my HD.
I can have problem with my BIOS machine?

I'm booting Minix 3 with GRUB, (i'm boot this how Windows).
Installing Minix the system HALT (LED of HD hold on) when Minix3FS is
Booting to Minix 3 with GRUB, the system HALT before login prompt.
If i'm boot Minix 3 from CD and mount the FS in the HD the system HALT
later in any moment.

Thanks for your time.
Greetings, Juan Picca

FROM THE BIOS SCREEN: (sorry if some information is irrelevant or i'm
omit something)

Acer Incorporated 1990-1999
*System Information
Processor Celeron (TM)
Processor Speed 466MHz
Internal Cache 32kB, Enabled
External Cache 128kB, Enabled
Floppy Drive A None
Floppy Drive B None
IDE Primary Channel Master Hard Disk, 10246 MB
IDE Primary Channel Slave Hard Disk, 4310 MB
IDE Secondary Channel Master Hard Disk, 4311 MB
IDE Secondary Channel Slave IDE CD-ROM
*Product Information
Product Name APSE5357
System S/N AKB060L0
Main Board ID V76M
Main Boar S/N 0000..... 0000
System BIOS Version V3.2
SMBIOS Version 2.1
*Disk Drives
Floppy Drive A [none]
Floppy Drive B [none]
LS-120 drive as [normal]