On 19 Apr., 13:25, David Given wrote:
> I know somebody is working on improving the Minix 3 VM to allow processes to
> resize their data segment --- in other words, allowing brk() and sbrk() to
> claim more memory from the system, meaning that we don't have to use chmem any
> more.

I guess Minix, like every modern O/S, doesn't use segmenting at all
(i.e. using
flat memory). The problem is therefore not extending the data
segment, but
sharing the address space between processes on-demand (i.e. paging).

To answer your question:

Ben Gras will, according to a conversation a few days ago, make a
design draft
"soon". So, don't wait for it If you're interested in helping out
with this issue: I am
so, too.