I'm trying to write a sound card audio driver for minix3 as a part of
my bachelor thesis. I already have a few lines of source code,
compilation is ok, but when I try to enable the "driver" via command:
service up /sbin/ymfpci -dev /dev/ymfsound, reincarnation server
always issues an error:
RS: Couldn't map driver 19
Request to RS failed: unknown error (-1)
I wish i could re-use the framework from es1371 audio driver, but
until I resolve this error, I cannot continue. I would appreciate any
help. The sources are here: http://student.fiit.stuba.sk/~kilik04/minix3/
Main file is named "ymfpci.c". Now most of this file is commented out,
but the error still occurs. In the directory is also located a file
named toy4.c, which compiles and runs OK. Now, when most of ymfpci.c
is commented out, ymfpci.c is very, very similar to toy4.c, but the
difference is - toy4.c works, ymfpci.c does not.