Hi all,

after long time I had the chance to complete the testing of the
AHA150 driver port to Minix3 on an old 486 box equipped with a AHA1542
scsi host controller.

I've been very busy in the last year and could only spare little
time for Minix, but I could eventually complete the work started more
than one and half year ago. The AHA1542 is an old ISA controller and
I believe that it will be of little use, but since I have a box that
is equipped with such controller and because it may be a starting
point for implementing new drivers for scsi devices (and maybe USB
external boxes), I completed the work and tested it as tape backup box
(two disks and two tape drives).

The driver requires some changes to the build chain that are not
included in the package. Since I heavily modified the Makefiles it
would be hard for me to supply the right patches so I'm giving only
this warning for those interested to use this driver.

The sources are available at http://giovanni.homelinux.net/ in the
Package Development section.

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