"Sietre" wrote:

> What is the decryption key to make your monicker decode into your
> oldbie name?

Try the identity transformation.

> no way is there someone named "Thom"

Umm, you didn't bother to check, now did you?

Google Groups easily produces:

:- Looking for MINIX Kermit driver.. Group: comp.os.minix
:- ..if there is one. To elaborate, I would like a Kermit driver that
:- run from ZTERM, just an executable file like the sz and rz
:- Has anyone put out anything like this? ---- Thom Rounds ...
:- Jun 27 1989 by Thom Rounds - 1 message - 1 author

Which might not be Thom's oldest existing
posting, I really didn't try very hard.


xanthian, another persistent liar about being
the same person for just a really long time now.