I tried to place some printf statements in kernel(/usr/src/kernel/)
and boot loader files in MINIX 2.0.0 for debugging sake.(/usr/src/
boot/). In the first case, the os is not
booting at all when I compile and run the new image... and in later...
the changes are not reflected, it is simply using the old boot
is there any other way to compile the kernel/bootloader.... so that
the changes are reflected????

actually he's able to use printf statements in the bootloader at the
time when nothing is loaded (even the kernel....) so he's able to do
that na.... Actually i wannt to remove the privilege levels he
used(USER_PRIV,INTR_PRIV,TASK_PRIV) he defined them in /usr/src/kernel/
protect.h what i did is i kept the privilege level same for all the
three.... but when i compile the image and boot it, the os is
crashing .... i'm able to get where it is going wrong..... how to do
this... plz... if u can help me....