I'm trying to install minix on my laptop. I downloaded the usb-cdrom
of minix 3.1.2a, burnt it as an iso to a cd-rw disk and then booted my
laptop with it in the usb-dvdrw drive. Minix starts and it prompts me
to choose between the regular and small, I hit 1 for regular and minix
starts printing out messages and then after about 3 seconds it

The reboot happens so quickly I can't see what the final messages that
are printed out are, I've tried pressing esc at the regular or small
menu and have got the prompt up but I don't really know what after

I think my problem could be the one seen here: http://

The messages in the picture looks like about the amount I get - so its
basically a wild guest.
If it is that how do I go about changing the memory parameter in the
boot environment?

Any suggestions?