I boot the machine from a cold start, i.e. powered off and it does not
mount the CD-ROM drive. When doing cat /etc/mtab or cat /etc/fstab
the drive does not show.
When executing "packman" it gives messages:
At-D2 controller not ready
At-D2 controller not ready
mount: can't mount /dev/c0d2p2 on /mnt: Invalid argument
CD - mount failed

Then did a shutdown and at the boot prompt d0p1s0 type exit and the
machine rebbots without powering off.

Check /etc/mtab and /etc/fstab and no cdrom.

Now I excute packman and it mounts the cd-rom with message:
dev/c0d2p2 as read only on /mnt

Now etc/fstab and /etc/mtab show the cd-rom drive as mounted.

packman now works and I can get packages from either the cd-rom or the

I tried to manuall mount the cd-rom drive with

mount -r /dev/c0d2p2 /mnt and get error message:
mount: can't mpunt /dev/c0d2p2 on /mnt: invalid argument.