i was rereading the chapter on processes in minix and on page 148 a
question came
to my mind. it says: "the definitions on lines 4717 to 4734 allow
selective disabling of
kernel calls. So I checked the code and as it turns out, if for
example USE_FORK is not
defined, a do_fork macro is defined which expands to a dummy function
and the real
binary code is left out of the compilation, so far so good, but do you
actually think this
is a good idea? suppose youre writing a user program which does a fork
system call:
the process manager wont complain, the file system wont complain and
the kernel
wont complain, but nothing would happen and the user might think:
there's a bug in the
code...would it not be better to implement some kind of a mechanism
that returns an
error code with a meaning like "unsupported kernel call"?????