Hi all,

Just did a fresh install of Minix 3.1.2a with audio-1.0.0 off the
website installed under VMware. Attempting to compile the driver
results in this:

# cd /usr/src/drivers/audio/sb16
# make

"../framework/audio_fw.c". line 82: unknown selector PROC_NR
"../framework/audio_fw.c". line 350: illegal use of selector PROC_NR

.... and so on

as well in /usr/src/drivers/audio/es1371:

# make
make: Don't know how to make ../../libpci/pci.h

How to reproduce: download the Minix 3.1.2a ISO from the website,
install the audio-1.0.0 package from either CD or the net through

Feel free to ask me about any further details if necessary. :-)

-- Joel Heikkila