I have run version 2 for some time now and reconfigured the kernel to
have 8 console terminals.
This is still working correctly.

However, I now dual boot version 2 and version 3.1.1 and I cannot
configure more than 4
consoles in version 3.1.1.

I modify NR_CONS in /usr/include/minix/config.h and rebuild the kernel.
Then add 4 more lines to /etc/ttytab to start ttyc4, ttyc5, ttyc6, and
Then in /dev: MAKEDEV ttyc4, ttyc5, ttyc6 and ttyc7.

After a reboot, I cannot acces the extra 4 consoles. There are messages
in /usr/log/message
saying error 1030 which appears to be an error opening the 4 devices.
There are only 4 getty processes started instead of 8.

Also of note is that at each boot, the timestamp (ls -als) on
/dev/console, ttyc1, ttyc2, and ttyc3 is updated but the time stamp for
the new consoles is unchanged.

So it would appear that the process of adding more consoles has changed
since version 2.

How do I configure 3.1.1 to have 8 virtual consoles?