No so far ago, I was asked to make some web-sites,
and fix misstakes of some other.

I use RedHat Linux 6.0, to run modern web browser,
I wished to install newer Linux distribution.
This beast damaged disk allocation table on older Linux installations,
and what is worst did not wish to be run.
Happens some "segmentation fault" in xfs rd script.
/ect directory looks as machine raned by "inqualified labour" was not
checked for ages,
but installed on abigous rack.
That is impossible to set up there anything.

I think why not install Minix.

So to minix I have such requairenments:
1. would be nice to have everything below on only single CD.
2. Modern Web-browser (As Mozila FireFox)
3. Apache with PHP with MySQL support
4. MySQL reads (mushe-coolh)
5. C-compiler which understand #define SOME(ONE,TWO,...)
6. Modern make 's ultilities.

Thats was my couple of cents.