Hi all:
I'm installed beta 2.

Installing and reading from CD fails with "AT-D1" error a few times. At
third, it was installed succesfully; so it hangs with that error sometimes
(when packman copy tha packages, for example).

Once installed, rtl8139 hangs with "Panic in rtl8139: reset failed to
complete" if Plug and Play BIOS is enabled. If not it works, but
"rl_handler: unhandled interrupt: isr = 0x2000" every half-second in
console; I don't know if it's by realtek or not.

X hangs my monitor, out of signal (it supports until 1280x1024).

PIII 350Mhz, 256MB RAM
Primary master Linux Fedora 4 (no problems with CD-ROM)
Primary slave MINIX
Secondary master CD-ROM
Secondary slave Plan 9 (no problems with CD-ROM)
Nvidia TNT2 32MB.
Eth Realtek 8139c
CD-RW LG 48x

ahm... any idea about rl_handler message, please?
Álvaro Jurado Cuevas