Hi all,
I have an assignement to do with floppy driver following the code down
from call task into the floppy.c follwoing it through in worst, best
and all cases.
Alll i want to confirm as i think i have it right is that the call_task
in device.c at line 263 calls the asembler function _sendrec() via
syslib.h _PROTOTYPE( int sendrec, (int _src_dest, message *_m_ptr)
); passiing task_nr as floppy and message as what ever byte
and i belive this moves the registers eax ebx and ecx to fire these
details as a syvar interupt. Into do_rdwt(dp,mptr) at line 150 of the
floppy.c file in fs.

Can some one please tell me i have that right or wrong or have i mised
soemthing in teh system, I tried searching the group for this answer
but have not found it in a comprehendable way or in the faq.. so please
help.. My C skills are not that developed so this is not my strongest