For some purpose,i intall three win 2K on my Pc,one on cPrimary
partition),the others on d: and etwo logical partition at one
extended partition).

I intall minix 3 on the other Primary partition (c0d0p2). I want use NT
loader to boot Minix .I found a assistance at
"",which has a link to "Booting
MINIX on a PC with WinNT or Win2K Installed " . I did everything
carefully in term of the process,but when booting,select the menu bar
"Minix",machine do nothing,likely die, why ???

the primary steps is :
1. make hdboot
2. dd if=/dev/c0d0p2s0 of=bootsect.mnx count=1
3. doswrite fd0 bootsect.mnx < bootsect.mnx
4. shutdown
5. exit
| The system will start booting
| Boot the system into NT
| Open Windows Explorer
| Open the drive where ntldr and boot are located. assumed is
| Put the "fd0" floppy into the floppy drive a:
| Copy the bootsect.mnx file to the c:\ .
| Right click on the boot file and select the properties entry.

| Remove the Read Only state and click on apply.
| Open the boot file (boot.ini) with Notepad or Wordpad.
| Add the following line at the end:
| c:\bootsect.mnx="Minix"
| Write the file back to disk and close Notepad/Wordpad.
| Use the properties dialog to set the ReadOnly state on the
boot file .
| Shutdown NT and reboot.
| Use the new entry displayed by ntldr to boot Minix.


Thanks for your help !!!