This message is really just to let people know that the system can be
installed on this particular laptop (96 meg of ram - 233 Mhz). I
booted from the image I had burned onto a cd and ran the setup program.
I had two gig free on my hard drive (four gig total of which 2 is
dedicated to win98se). The installation program went without a hitch
(I accepted the defaults in all cases). I was trying to create a boot
floppy but found that according to the web site, Minix has to be booted
from the cd drive. I have been reading a little on some U of New
Hampshire site that there is a way to install from floppies but haven't
figure out how to create a boot floppy yet so I don't have to have the
cd. I don't really want my master boot record altered in terms of
default to my Windows installation. Anyone want to point me in the
right direction, I will be appreciative. Thanks.