James T. Sprinkle (The Grue) wrote:
> Hi Andy! What I am looking at is the unavailability of some functions, for
> instance, seteuid and setegid. A call to setuid also sets the effective
> userid. Same for setgid setting effective groupid. (Although some tests I
> did show that this doesn't seem to change the gid or egid at all!) Openssh
> needs to set effective userid and effective groupid separately with seteuid
> and setegid. Everything works fine with my port if you run it as root, but
> it rejects anyone besides root who tries to connect. Also, I am seeing
> problems with getgroups and setgroups. Not a big deal if I can get a
> workaround for the *gid issue because I can effectively replace calls to
> getgroups/setgroups with *gid. I hope this makes sense. If anyone can
> offer an alternative to a system call that works within the FS and PM
> processes, I would love to hear it. In the mean time...I'll work on
> something else to make myself feel useful...hehehe
> The Grue

Try posting the OpenSSH you got so far. Someone else may have the answer.

God I hope our hacks get backported.