Hello, everyone.

We have part of LAN which is hidden behind PIX515 fiewall. This part has its own router (Catalyst 3560) and three servers which run Windows 2000 Server. Only two of this servers have access to the other part of LAN. Since neither Catalyst nor PIX can work like time-server, the head of our department told me to find and install NTP Daemon (for Windows, of course). The director wantes two servers which has access to other part of LAN to connect to our time-servers and redistribute it inside protected part of LAN.

NTPD installed with no mistakes. Let me show you the configuration file of server:

server iburst prefer
server iburst

fudge stratum 14


ntpq -p command shows me (I'll skip some numbers which will not be useful): 4 u <...> 4 u <...>
*LOCAL 14 l <...> 15 u <...>

Can you tell me why can that be happening? Why does server see itself as preferable time-server if it has stratum of just 14? And why does it see the server with the same configuration (exception is in peer string of config) as the server with lower stratum?

Sorry for my English, I'm running out of time.