My OS is Microsoft Vista Home Premium.

I just installed a piece of software that created some directories and
files on my PC. Now I find that I can't modify a file I would like to
modify and I also can't create files in a directory where I need to be
able to create files. The user I sign on as is a user with
administrative privileges.

I used Windows Explorer to get to the folder in question. I right
clicked on the folder and then selected properties. I unchecked the
box which said "Read Only". When I clicked on the "Apply" button I
answered yes to the question "Do you want to apply this operation to
all the sub-folders and files". However I still find that I can't
create files in the directory. I also have a similar problem with
files. I have also tried using the "Security" tab after selecting
Properties after right clicking on the folder and file. I have not
been able to change the permissions. I have made sure that the
software is not running when I attempt to change the permissions.

This is my PC ! I have admin priviliges ! Why can't I change the
folder and file permissions ?