Rex Ballard wrote:

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> > I once knew a guy (he was basically a utopian communist, now that I
> > think of it) who even took this concept much further and proposed
> > the notion that it shouldn't matter what software and/or operating
> > system a computer is running.

> Note that even GPL advocates are not communists. When the GNU
> manifesto was first published, one of the key elements was explaining
> business models for GPL software. The software is "free" and you
> can't make proprietary enhancements that you distribute publicly
> without giving those enhancements back to the author of the original
> GPL product, but you can make profit in packaging, service, support,
> and documentation.
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Oh, I definitely don't believe that Linux and/or the open source
movement have anything to do with communism. But when you introduce
ideas like "free" and "community," well, it won't take long for someone
to make that comparison in ideology.