I got a strange phenomen running wild on 2 PCs. PC#1 is a real PC (XP
up2date, with some Norton AV guard running) and the PC#2 is a virtual
(vmware) PC (xp up2date as well, with AntiVir protected). PC#1 uses
remote desktop to work on PC#2. So far all is fine and pink. However,
often it happens that when people work remote on PC#2 keys get
swallowd invisibly and the foreground window is lost, and then a split-
second later reactivated.

For example: you type a sentence in Word and suddenly the blue title
bar starts to flicker blue/gray - and while you continue typing every
other character is lost (due to the fact that Word is no longer the
keywindow). However, there is no other obvious programm running
stealing this key, nor putting itself visibly into the foreground!

We are at a complete loss as to which application or program this
could be. There is nothing extraordinary installed on boths PC, other
than Office 2K3, Adobe Acrobat, AntiVir or Norten, and HP 2015n
printer drivers. Windows Add/Remove Software lists just these among
quazillions plus Windows Updates. An extensive Malware or Virus-Scan
found nothing on both PCs.

When people just work on PC#1 without being remotely connected to PC#2
no such keywindow-flickering happens.

How can I found out which application is taking away keywindow from
Word (or any other application)? Wasnt there a Spy++ or so in the MSDN
developer tools? Problem though is it isnt maybe really a nice
application to give to a non-programmer user :-) Any clues how I can
figure this out?

Philipp Ott