On Aug 16, 10:13 pm, RedPenguin wrote:
> I had a trial of Windows Server 2003 on my originally XP Home Compaq
> Presario which just seemed to freeze up and get to moments where it
> almost freezed up and was going incredibly slow. I then recovered the
> PC thinking it was server 2003, but XP Home starting acting a little
> similar.
> Now it either gives a burn failure on the burn with both Roxio or Nero
> or it just failed verify.
> I checked the hard drive with Hard Drive Sentinel to see if it's a bad
> hard drive and it said 2 bad sectors but other than that nothing
> wrong. I talked to some other people and they claim it's possible that
> my drive came with that.
> The memory in the PC is almost brand-new because I just bought it
> about a few days ago.
> The specs on the system are:
> 2.4 AMD Athlon 64

Also, I checked for viruses with my AVG and did spyware checks when I
had both OSes, but no findings either way of virus or spyware.