Announcing Pallet-Picker 2

We've all seen web sites and catalogues with print that just isn't
readable. Sometimes the type is too small, sometimes it's poor color
selection. Here, finally, is a tool that a designer can use to fight
the color selection problem.

Pallet-Picker 2 is released today by Notesoft. This program, for Mac
or Windows, assists graphics arts designers in two ways. First, it
creates a pallet of colors that is compatible with a controlling color
that the designer defines. Second, it locates good, readable colors
for the text that is to overlay any given background color. We
believe that PP2 is the only program in the world that performs this
important function. PP2 is the result of considerable research which
allows the program to approximate the judgment of many sets of human

The price is only $20, with substantial discounts for educators and
site licenses. Visit for more information.